For photographers

If you're a photographer and already own your own business the addition of Augmented Reality is a no-brainer! We've already had partners build entire businesses based on our Soundwave Art App. Take a look at the image below. This is from one of our partners. She creates beautiful products from her customer's photos. She then creates an image slideshow which plays when the image is scanned with our mobile app. It does not have to be a slideshow though, it can play a video as well! Scan the image below with our app (available on iOS & Android) and see how it works.

You can add Augmented Reality to your photography for just $24.99. You only pay us when you have sold this feature to your clients. We suggest an up-charge of $50 to your client. The artwork will remain active for 5 years and can be renewed once it expires. We can also offer you a 10-year activation if you want to offer that to your customers. This will protect against any possible price adjustments in the future.

Interested in creating Soundwave Art too? Learn more here or register for our partnership program below.

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