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Join the fast-growing industry of Soundwave Art! Whether you already create Soundwave Art or you are interested in starting your own Soundwave Art business, we're here to help!

We've been in business since the very beginning and we lead the way with our specially designed software and augmented reality playback feature. We developed our app to enhance our artwork and you can do the same. If you already create Soundwave Art and want to offer a way for your customers to be able to play their art, the last thing you want to do is charge them to place a QR code on top of their beautiful, personalized piece of art. QR codes are ugly and take away from the artwork. There are also too many steps involved for them to hear their art. They have to scan the code, click the link it creates, then click play once the link opens in their web browser. Ugh.

We developed our app because we hate the way QR codes work and we would never ask our customers to place a code on their art. With our Soundwave Art™ app, there is no need for a code, we make the art itself scannable so there is nothing ugly placed on the art. On top of that, you simply scan the art and it plays instantly, no links, nothing to click. The best can also play video! 

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