How to create a truly memorable gift!

Step 1: Capture the audio of your baby's heartbeat:

By using the recording feature on your smartphone, just hit record and hold your phone next to the machine while your Doctor plays you the sound of your baby's heartbeat during your next ultrasound.

There are also many smartphone apps that allow you to capture the sound of your baby's heartbeat by using your phone. You can then save the audio file to your phone or email it so you can save it to your computer.

Step 2: Decide if you want to turn the heartbeat pattern into a piece of art or jewelry:

View all of our products, then select the item you wish to use to display this amazing gift.

Step 3: Designing your one-of-a-kind gift:

If you choose a piece of art, you will be able to upload your audio file and design your baby's heartbeat pattern with unlimited color choices and styles.

If you choose a piece of jewelry, we will laser engrave your baby's heartbeat into our custom jewelry, you can choose an inscription and even add a color enamel inlay to the pattern on one of our Soundwave Rings.

Uploading your file is easy, once you've selected your product, you will see a blue button to open our recorder and design tool. Just press the button with the arrow pointing up, select your audio file from your computer or phone, then click the Generate Soundwave button to display your baby's heartbeat pattern.

Step 4: Complete the checkout process:

After you've designed your one-of-kind-piece and clicked the save my design button, you'll be directed back to your shopping cart to complete the checkout process. We'll send you a proof for your final approval before we begin production.

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