App Support

If you experience issues with our app please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Did you purchase from us and did you add our app feature to your order? When you selected your product options you were asked if you wanted to play your art with our app, if you did not select yes to add this package then it will not work. You can add it now if you need to: ADD OUR APP FEATURE
  • Step 2: Did you purchase an item that is compatible with our app? Only certain products will work with our app. Compatible products are marked with our app icon and allow you to add our media package to play your art. Products include Prints, Canvas, Aluminum Prints, Layered wood Soundwave, and puzzles. (Jewelry does not work with our app)
  • Step 3: If you have verified the above two steps and are still having issues please try this: Clear the history under app settings, hold your device so the guides are around the four corners of your artwork. Slowly move toward your art so the guides work their way to the middle of the Soundwave pattern, pause for a second then start to move back. This will usually do the trick. The key is to get it to scan the first time, it will be much faster from then on out. If you start to see a white cloud moving over the top of your art that means the app is starting to load your video. See this image:

  • Step 4: If these steps did not work then it's possible that you purchased your art from another company that is not an official partner of ours. In rare cases, if you did purchase from us or one of our partners there may be an issue on our end. Please contact us for further assistance by clicking the contact us button in the menu or contact us below. Please let us know if you are having an issue with a verified purchase from us or one of our partners and we will be happy to assist you.

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