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Need help transferring your voicemail?

If you have a voicemail saved on your smartphone and you want to create a Soundwave out of it there are a few ways to go about it. One of the quickest is to save the voicemail to your desktop. You can do this from most smartphones by emailing the voicemail to yourself, then saving it to your computer. You will then be able to upload the voicemail to our software to create your Soundwave.

If you don’t have a desktop you can still create one by following the steps below. These steps will walk you through the process using an iPhone.

Don’t let this process scare you off, it may look overwhelming but it won’t take you long at all. Plus, you’re creating a keepsake from that special voicemail! 

iPhone (Apps you will need: iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Box)

1. Go to the voicemail on your phone and click the share button

2. If you have Dropbox or Box installed you may see the option to save your voicemail there. If not you will need to select more then enable one of them. You can also email it to yourself from here

3. Go to on your phone and select the product you want to purchase.

4. When you click the blue button with the arrow on our recorder you will be able to open the location where you saved your voicemail.

5. Once you click the location of your saved voicemail you will be able to scroll through your saved files and select the correct file.

6. When you click the voicemail it will be inserted into our software. You will then click the green Generate Soundwave button.

7. Your voicemail will be uploaded and then converted into your Soundwave Pattern. Once it displays you will be able to design it. If you are purchasing a piece of jewelry there will not be a design option because jewelry is engraved. 

8. The last step will be to scroll down and click the green Save My Design button. Once you hit save you will be directed back to the cart to complete the checkout process. If for some reason you are not directed back to the cart you can safely close this window and return to the previous screen manually. As long as you click save your file has been uploaded to us. You’ll know for sure because when you click add to bag in the cart you will be able to continue the checkout process. If something went wrong then it won’t allow you to add the Soundwave to your bag.

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