Gift Cards

In November 2022 we launched our new gift card process which allows the person redeeming the card to use it toward any product and for any price meaning our system will keep track of your balance. Our previous software did not allow for this so any gift certificate purchased before November 2022 would need to be used all at once.

After purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation email, and within 10 minutes of that, you will receive a second email with your gift card code and instructions on how to redeem it. Please keep an eye on your spam folder.

A gift card can be used in multiple orders until it’s fully redeemed. You can see the remaining balance once you enter your code in the place provided during the checkout process. All gift cards purchased in November 2022 or later should be entered in the second box (enter your gift card code) but when in doubt try both boxes.

Purchase A Gift Card (Gift cards are valid for 5 years)

Old gift certificates (purchased before October 2022)

If your gift certificate was purchased before October 2022 you will need to enter your code in the first box during the checkout process as seen below (enter your coupon code) but when in doubt try both boxes. 

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