Color Choices

There are an infinite amount of colors! When purchasing Soundwave Art you can select the background color and Soundwave color. When you are designing your Soundwave you will be able to view and select colors from our color tool and see what they look like on your actual Soundwave image. 

We also have three different styles to choose from: Solid Color, Multicolor, and Gradient. 

  • Solid Color: This option allows for a solid color background and 1 solid Soundwave color. This option works well with both short and long recording.
  • Multicolor: This option allows for a solid color background and up to 4 colors for your Soundwave. The colors are inserted randomly when you make your selection. This works really well with longer recordings, especially your favorite song.
  • Gradient: This option allows for a solid color background and 3 colors which span the length of your Soundwave, starting from the outside and working its way to the middle. The Gradient option works great on both short and long recordings. Please understand that viewing printable ink colors on a screen will vary from monitor to monitor and may not be 100% accurate. The colors will be very close to what you see on your screen but it is nearly impossible to be exact because of the number of monitors and settings available.

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