Soundwave Art Layered Wood

Your soundwave is cut out of Birch Wood, then framed in an Italian Wood Molding with a Glass front. These Soundwaves are true works of art. Using natural material, laser precision, and professionally framed, these unique and elegant pieces look great in any setting. Due to the organic nature of wood, each piece will vary from the ones pictured

You'll receive a proof of your Soundwave pattern for approval before we begin production. This is typically within 14 hours of placing your order. Keep an eye on your spam folder.

Product Sizes & Prices

  • 14" x 21" x 1 1/2" - $324.99
  • 19" x 31" x 1 1/2" - $454.99 (made from two pieces)
  • An optional plaque with a custom phrase centered under the Soundwave - $10

App feature available in 5-year activation ($24.99) or 10-year activation ($44.99)

Production takes on average 10-14 days

Soundwave Art Layered Wood

Photos are taken without glass front to avoid glare

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