App Requirements & How To

Enhance your Soundwave Art™ experience. If you created and purchased a piece of art at you can add our media package so you can use our app to scan your artwork and hear or see it come to life! Listen to the audio or watch the video that you used to create your artwork simply by scanning it!

  • Only works with an official Soundwave Art™ product
  • Create your Artwork at
  • Must purchase the Soundwave Media™ package

How our app works:

Our software analyzes your unique Soundwave Art™ and creates a model based on shapes, lines. proportions, and colors. It then matches that model against the Soundwaves in our database. When it matches your artwork with the file used to create it, the magic happens by overlaying an enhanced generated video or sound on your screen, merging the digital and physical world.

Please note that our App only works with an official piece of artwork that you create and purchase at

Want to try our App? Download our app and scan the image below:

Soundwave Media

iOS Requirements

Our app works on Apple devices that use iOS 9 or above. Works best with a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Android Requirements

Our app works on Android devices running 4.1 or newer. Works best with a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection.

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